The BIG eCommerce Conference includes 8 seminars from industry experts and 10 workshops.  Delegates can pick and choose the most relevant content in order to tailor their day.  view last years programme (this year is going to be even bigger and better!).

Finding more customers from social media

  • Introduction and advancements in social media
  • Emerging social media trends
  • What are the risks associated with not embracing social media?
  • The power of creating a customer experience online with YouTube
  • Creating an effective and appropriate social media strategy
  • How to measure the ROI on social media
  • How visitor will reward innovation with purchases
  • Building a buzzing community for your online business
  • Creating fans and brand champions

Marketing and growing your database

  • Marketing strategy for eCommerce
  • Building up your database and motivating people to buy
  • Business development
  • Traditional marketing
  • Offline marketing meets online – integrated marketing strategy
  • Big brand techniques for the small business
  • Tried and tested techniques for B2B and B2C sales online
  • The power of intelligence and niche marketing

Email campaigns for eCommerce

  • Content strategy and email campaign planning
  • email design and deliverability to sell
  • Your legal obligations
  • Split testing and assessment
  • email top tips and things to avoid
  • Increasing customer loyalty and increasing reach
  • Goal tracking and click through analysis
  • The latest key to success: SMS marketing

Finding more customers from search

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) – what’s new for 2013?
  • Link building – how to gain links and keep on the right side of Google
  • Developing an easy to maintain content strategy
  • Top tips for blogging for maximum SEO and customer engagement
  • ROI-focused paid search
  • Google Adwords
  • Microsoft Adcentre
  • Analytics-based business decisions

Website conversion and customer engagement

  • Website conversion techniques
  • In page analytics
  • Website user experience and functionality – customer led design
  • Sales training and coaching
  • Taking offline sales techniques and translating these to the web
  • Best practices in eCommerce design
  • Content strategy: product descriptions, photography and reviews
  • Putting customers at the heart of your marketing
  • Product sales analysis and creating a niche range

Selecting the right technology

  • email technology
  • eCommerce platforms and functionality
  • Customer reviews
  • Trends in customer buying behaviours
  • mCommerce – what will this look like in the near future?
  • Apps and tools to manage social media
  • Analytics, adwords and PPC

Taking payments online

  • Keeping your money safe
  • Providing peace of mind
  • Payment gateways, merchant banking and shopping carts
  • Paypal vs Verified by Visa – what’s easier for your customers?
  • Best practices in checkout page design

Customer retention, communication and relationships

  • Product and service fulfillment
  • After sales customer care and attention
  • email campaign strategy
  • The benefits of customer surveys and questionnaires
  • Creating engaging newsletters that keep your business top of mind
  • Providing customer incentives
  • Marrying the online communications with the offline
  • Nurturing your database and building an ongoing relationship
  • Avoiding the “sales pitch” and creating proper engagement

Motivation and inspiration

  • Thomas Power – Chairman of ecademy shares the secrets to success online
  • Revealing the highs and the lows – eCommerce case studies
  • Question and answer panel sessions
  • Sales and business coaching
  • Direct access to leading innovators, developers and technology companies at the cutting edge

We look forward to seeing you there. Secure your ticket here.

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