Thomas Power Thomas Power

Special Powers: Internet specialist, social media, innovation, ecademy Chairman

Thomas is a renowned figure within the Social Media circuit, speaking at symposiums worldwide, his knowledge of the internet, of trends, shapes and patterns is supported and followed by industry leaders. As an Internet Scout, who first became recognised whilst working with Alan Sugar, Thomas has spent the last 20 years watching the market and making predictions about its future.

His down to earth speaking style and the wealth of content he has to call upon, make him a popular speaker. His combative and controversial style inspires his audiences to rethink their current strategies for marketing to include networking, even to place it at the forefront of their thinking. Thomas has developed his message into a series of workshops, and personal mentoring and coaching sessions, working along side forward thinking entrepreneurs globally.

Thomas has joined 700 social networks studied them in depth to identify what is and what is not important for you and your business.

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The Talk

Thomas will Chair and provide a very empowering key-note.

Our World Is Changing – fundamentally and fast.

We now spend more time in social media applications than on any other single activity… Except sleeping!

Be among the first to discover how to grab the attention and respect you deserve across all the online communities that matter… Yet still have time for a life.

Thomas Power’s workshop was inspiring, fun, exciting and very informative. It opened my eyes to the power of social media and demystified much of the technology. Unexpectedly, one of the most useful aspects of the day was getting me to think about what I stand for online, which influences how I will communicate on the web from now on. A day well spent. Thank you!