Simon Goldschmidt Simon Goldschmidt

Simon Goldschmidt is an experienced online business executive with a successful track record in developing companies from start-up to international operations, as an investor, an entrepreneur, and as part of management.

Atosho is the first company in the world to launch a platform for distributed eCommerce. The solution enables consumers to complete a purchase of a product within a media’s contextual space, online and offline, effectively providing supply exactly where demand was created.

The Talk

Distributed eCommerce – Closing the gap between where demand is created and where it is fulfilled

For Consumers, Retailers and Publishers, why is distributed eCommerce the natural next Online business model? How is it complementary to display marketing, affiliate marketing, aggregators, search and price comparison sites, market places, and what are the challenges of pioneering in distributed eCommerce?

Issues covered

  • Incremental revenue
  • Turning a cost center into profits
  • Enabling people to buy, independent of time and space
  • Consumer loyalty

You will experience

  • A detailed understanding of the distributed eCommerce
  • Publisher, retailer and consumer perspective
  • Integration of commercial and editorial content
  • Challenges and opportunities in being a disruptive eCommerce start-up
  • Perspectives to existing online models
  • Live cases and examples