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How2Franchise is a very successful leader in franchise development, marketing and sales. How2Franchise  have developing successful local, regional, national and now international franchises in every business category including retail, service, manufacturing and distribution – helping them successfully franchise their businesses.

A Franchise Reduces The Risk of Failure – because the franchisees are buying the experience and expertise of the franchisor. This will also stop them making the same mistakes that the franchisor has made during their trading life, because they become part of a successful and established business the franchisees are able to take advantage of the franchisor

The business was initially founded by Rod Hindmarsh who is recognised by many as an expert in the field of franchising. In addition How2Franchise have a number of expert associates providing a complete range of franchise support services including franchise advertising, marketing as well as single and multi-unit sales, and franchisee financing, all continue to play important roles in How2Franchise business

The Talk


(The process of franchising – the best kept secret Franchising)

  • A to Z of franchising
  • The Complexity of franchising or not??
  • The developmental stage of franchising – international expansion

This is a rare opportunity to hear directly from people who have worked in franchising for over 20 years, with insight that is based exclusively on experience – the pitfalls, the tricks, the simplification of a subject that would otherwise only be harnessed through expensive consultations, laborious books, and personal trial and error!

So why not save yourself time and money by attending The Franchise Workshop. It’s your head-start in an industry that has much to offer and includes free eBooks for those who attend.