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About BlueSnap

BlueSnap is a global payment service provider powering the checkout process for eCommerce merchants worldwide, and fueling growth for online businesses serving digital, physical and mobile markets. BlueSnap has reinvented the checkout experience by combining the power of four key components: Seamless integration into the storefront, global payment processing, award winning smart subscriptions, and dynamic marketing tools for up-sell at checkout.

Serving over 5000 merchants, and supporting shoppers in 180 countries by localizing the experience, with 28 languages, 60 currencies, and 110 payment types, BlueSnap is powering buys for merchants around the globe, and fulfilling their promise to convert more shoppers to buyers worldwide.

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Katrina Beckwith, Sales Manager, EMEA

Katrina Beckwith is Sales Manager at BlueSnap, where she is leading the charge to establish BlueSnap as the payments leader in e-commerce, especially in the UK and Europe. Katrina is a payments veteran, with many years of experience helping retailers, processors and financial institutions across Europe to choose payment systems and services to grow their businesses.

Katrina has more than 25 years of experience in sales, product, and services for companies with a global customer base.

The Talk

“Optimizing Shopper to Buyer Conversions in a Global Ecommerce Economy”

Join us for a workshop with BlueSnap Sales Manager, Katrina Beckwith where she will cover best practices specific to optimizing shopper to buyer conversions in a global ecommerce economy.

Topics will include:

  • Industry trends, survival skills and best practices to grow your global online business
  • Maximizing one time and subscription revenues in the digital global economy
  • Leveraging new and emerging local payment methods to drive shopper to buyer conversions
  • Strategies for fully optimized website checkout
  • Optimizing conversions of international shoppers to buyers

If eCommerce / mCommerce is your business, you should plan to attend.