Jeremy Rix Jeremy Rix

Jeremy Rix is Founder & Chief Listener at oko, a research and innovation agency which helps businesses deepen customer and employee engagement. Jeremy has the best part of 20 years agency experience working with blue chip clients such as Associated Newspapers, New Scientist, Orange, Microsoft, Asda and Lloyds TSB. Over the last 5 years much of this work has been with media and communications clients who are seeking to create value through digital and mobile experiences, using customer and market research to drive innovation, product development, digital marketing strategy and branding.


oko helps businesses profit from deeper engagement with their customers and employees, by:

  • Designing and conducting research which uncovers the emotional and unconscious, as well as rational, drivers of consumer behaviour, and identifying ways to make a deeper emotional and unconscious connection with customers
  • Using a structured approach to turning research insights into ideas, screening these ideas and scoping and developing new product, service, marketing and brand propositions
  • Using research as a basis for change, developing action plans to implement ideas, assigning responsibilities and applying metrics to measure the impact of change on the business

The Talk

Making meaning: how to deepen engagement and extract greater value from your customer relationships. We’ll share our experiences of the tools, processes and approaches which multi-national corporations use to research and innovate their digital and mobile customer relationships. We’ll draw out the principles of these approaches, and show how they can apply to any business of any size. And we’ll show how, by using these approaches, you can create ‘meaning’ in your customer relationships, and deliver emotional and rational benefits to your customers lifting your business out of commoditized, price-driven competition.