Jeremy Nelson-Smith Jeremy Nelson-Smith

Jeremy Nelson-Smith is an internet marketing expert who works with many e-commerce businesses to maximise their chances of getting high search engine rankings on Google. In this session you will learn ‘How to think like Google’, understand where Google wants you to focus your SEO efforts and ultimately achieve the visibility on Google that will drive quality visitors to you web pages.

The Talk

SEO in today’s multi-channel world: How to think like Google

In the past 12 months SEO has moved on – hugely. What Google wants you, as a website owner to do, is very different from the days when adding some keywords to your web pages and getting some backlinks got you visibility on page one of Google. In today’s world of SEO Google is looking for different key indicators of website authority, popularity and overall value to searchers.

Jeremy not only provides detailed reporting, analysis and advice on our web performance in key areas like AdWords, SEO and Google Analytics metrics, but also gives us insightful and essential recommendations on how to improve our performance, including, most importantly, our landing page visitor-to-lead conversion ratios.