Suzanne Dibble

Special powers: Legal advice for small business, internet law, small print

Suzanne Dibble is a pioneer in legal services, championing flexible working using a virtual model and constantly innovating in client services. Suzanne’s aim is to demystify the law for small businesses and to make the process of dealing with a lawyer easy and pleasurable. Encouraged by her time working with Richard Branson, Suzanne is a true entrepreneur and uses this outlook together with her commercial experience gained whilst a board director of a £100m+ property company to provide real value to her clients.

A strong advocate of social media, Suzanne is one of the most influential lawyers in the UK on twitter and uses it to keep highly engaged with her rapidly growing client base. Suzanne is fascinated by the world of internet marketing and has just returned from Yanik Silver’s Underground 8 conference in Washington DC where she learnt cutting edge techniques in online

Suzanne was awarded Highly Commended in the most coveted award of Solicitor of the Year at the Law Society Awards 2011 and was also a finalist in the Excellence in Client Service category. Suzanne has won a number of other national awards for her focus on client service and innovative service delivery.

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What also makes her brilliant to deal with is that she is straightforward, down to earth and just a lovely lady!
All in all – an invaluable service, It was so easy working with Suzanne. She explains things without legal jargon, is approachable, swift, professional and dedicated. I would highly recommend her.
It was a pleasure to work with Suzanne, who combines her undoubted legal expertise with a strong commercial approach.