Karen Skidmore

Special powers: Web marketing systems, autoresponder campaigns, social media, business attitude

Karen is a marketing mentor and self-confessed web tech geek. A practical, down-to-earth business woman, Karen excels at making web marketing tools simple and accessible to small business owners.

Her mission is to teach and inspire others to work smarter and become more profitable, which she does via her popular blog, widely-read newsletter and live training events. She firmly believes that getting and finding new customers should never be hard work and, with the right marketing systems and business model, that it is 100% possible to effortlessly attract the right customers constantly and consistently throughout the year.

Karen created the hugely successful Web Tech Club, a marketing club for technophobic business owners, and has also just published her new book “Shiny Shiny: How to Stop Being a Social Media Magpie.”

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Sometimes you go through life not quite achieving what you are capable of. Then you bump into someone like Karen and she just inspires you to get off your derriére and do something you should have done years ago. If you get a chance to see Karen speaking do so. A million thank yous Karen for pointing out the obvious to me ….