Jeremy Nelson-Smith

Special Powers: Internet marketing, SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Landing Page Optimisation and Google Analytics.

Jeremy is an internet marketing expert whose unique perspective and understanding of online marketing combines big business discipline and structure with small business flexibility and speed of decision making. For many years he has been delivering successful results online for both large corporations and SMEs in sectors including legal, IT, retail, healthcare, recruitment and business services.

A true believer in the power and effectiveness of web analytics, he will pass on to you not only his enthusiasm and knowledge for what is a vital element in achieving eCommerce success but also practical tips and advice that you can implement and use on your website right away.

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Jeremy not only provides detailed reporting, analysis and advice on our web performance in key areas like AdWords, SEO and Google Analytics metrics, but also gives us insightful and essential recommendations on how to improve our performance, including, most importantly, our landing page visitor-to-lead conversion ratios.