James Puddicombe

Special powers: business analysis for the modern era, unbridled enthusiasm, modern jive dance moves

James is the CEO at Voodoo Ltd, an e-commerce consultancy, management and platform provider, and for the past 15 years has guided clients ranging from the smallest micro-businesses through high street retailers to multinational corporates including Yamaha Music, Polycom, Toys ‘R’ Us, Cable & Wireless, Heals, Hamleys, and Wines Direct. James has been known to talk at length with little provocation on all manner of subjects such how to tackle the threat and benefit of, through to using a structured approach when making site improvements. Always engaging, seldom at a loss for words, James moves from topic to topic like an elephant dancing on daisies.

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He may talk a lot, but he listens deeply too. With James you get a lot of expertise packed into a powerful delivery - just make sure you're ready to take notes!