Guest Post by conference attendee Zoe Grant

New Year’s Day heard me utter the words ‘this is going to be my year’ and I swiftly set out to make things happen. However even with several years experience in marketing and PR I knew building my own website, setting up a business as well as designing and making products for the website, would be a tricky task. My knowledge of SEO is limited and how shopping websites actually work is beyond me. Just when the first hurdles seemed too big for me to take that leap of being a small business owner, along came a helping hand. The Big eCommerce Conference sounded perfect for me and I had already decided I needed to invest in learning to build a successful business.

I am looking forward to the end of the month to head to Woking for the Big eCommerce Conference, not only will I finally get to meet some fantastic people I have known on Twitter for ages but I will also get to learn. I have always loved to learn and obviously over the years what I have wanted to learn has changed. Now I need to learn about building my brand, creating a powerful website that makes customers want to return. When you are a one man band there is always so much to do and think about and to be honest it can all seem a little daunting. However I am hoping the seminars and workshops will help me make the most of my time and offer guidance in making all the tasks more achievable.

There are only so many hours in a day and with social media being such a fantastic free marketing tool for small business it is easy to let it take over your life and forget about other important tasks to promote your business. But what are all the options and does a Google page ranking really matter? I am hoping these are some of the questions that I will have answered at the Big eCommerce Conference! I am also keen to learn more about mobile options as more and more people are shopping from their phones or tablets and I know I need to consider which options I need to offer.

As a freelance writer by trade I know I can write the copy to entice customers to buy my products but I worry about SEO. Do I need to change the way I write to make Google and the other search engines ‘like’ my website? I think I need to find a notebook soon to scribble down all these questions!

So by the 30 May I am hoping to be armed with a whole wealth of eCommerce knowledge and be inspired by some incredible speakers, which will really help me make 2012 my year.

Zoe & Drew
Twitter – @zoeanddrew

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