The rapid growth of the internet over the past few years has led to an increase in the number of websites offering a wide variety of services and products available for purchase on-line.

The supply of promotional products included and the vast majority of promotional product distributors have an on-line presence.

But, is this good for the client? The answer is both YES and NO!!!

On the positive side, the internet is a quick way for an customer  to browse through many tens of thousands of products, compare prices and place orders with a chosen provider.

This is fine if the buyer knows exactly what they want, has the time to wade through the many thousands of products available and has confidence in their chosen provider to get the job done.

But what of the risks involved The buyers’ only contact is via the website and the buyer is responsible for the brand image of their company. What if the job goes wrong? What if the wrong product is supplied?  What if the delivery is late and the event for which the product was ordered gets missed? Is the choice purely price based or is there more to it than that?

The best way for a client to get the best ROI from the use of promotional products is to work with a product provider, sharing information about marketing strategies, budgets, event timings, etc and tap into the vast knowledge, skills and experience to choose the Right product to do the job.

Promotional merchandise – is it worth the money?

The biggest question – how do you get the best returns from purchasing promotional gifts & giveaways?  Where do you start and what do you spend? Do you follow fashion/trends?

Something current will have a huge impact but only if it’s suitable for your target audience.  If you have branded the same item year after year maybe it’s time for an update…… may still want a pen but maybe a more modern model or a dual purpose one – the choice is only limited by your  budget and the decisions you make!

Consider these points in your decision making:

  1. The objectives that a good branded product will achieve include:
  2. Delivering the message clearly
  3. Confirms your credibility
  4. Connects your target prospects emotionally
  5. Motivates the buyer
  6. Concrete User Loyalty
  7. Longevity & visibility

1) Go green! Eco-friendly promotional merchandise & gifts. These are made from bio-degradable and recyclable and sustainable materials
People are more environmentally conscious these days and it could be good for business if you are seen to support our planet!  What a great taking point to have a pen or a bag with your branding on one side and printed on the other side ‘ I used to be an old tyre or a CD case’

2) Go bold!  Colours are important and if they do not interfere with your branding and corporate colours – why not be bold and use them.  If possible choose a product and have it in your corporate colours. Some items can be supplied shaped bespoke so if you have a construction company why not have a tractor or a digger made up in your colours – the possibilities are endless

3) Be effective!  Promotional gifts that have a function are the most effective and will be more appreciated by the recipient.  An umbrella as a giveaway is great but if it turns inside out in high winds how long will it last? Not an effective spend. A shirt with a logo?  How about one that has a dual purpose so it is suitable for running in or has a reflective panel so the wearer can be seen in the dark.

4) Budgets!  It’s true, there is something for everyone in the promotional market place and not everyone can afford a beautiful silver engraved pen so choosing wisely will get the best ROI. A pen that looks, feels and is of little cost will probably not last long and will therefore disappoint you if you don’t see them being used a few months down the line. A pen that is on ‘special offer’ may be as inexpensive but be a world of difference away from the 1st one.

Would you rather give something good that would be appreciated than a mass give-away with your brand message that is thrown in the rubbish within a few days?

Why not contact Connect Two: professional business gift distributor. Belonging to an accredited organisation – the BPMA – so you are guaranteed to get the right information, quality service and the best spend for your money giving you the best ROI. Place your order by phone, mail or online where you can upload your logo to eve