We live in a world where the rise of the mobile device is forcing businesses to think about how their websites are accessed, and hence to evaluate the user friendliness of the design. Separate mobile websites, or intelligent device detection are becoming more necessary to ensure that smartphone and tablet users are not driven to click away from clunky, text heavy or complex navigational sites that don’t work well on small screens.

As with many new revolutions, businesses must assess how important this change is for them individually, and react appropriately. Again, as with many things, the need versus cost equation will come into play. For big business it is something of a no-brainer, but for small companies and entrepreneurs, they may ask whether the investment can be justified, certainly in the short term.

So how can a business achieve something of a mobile-friendly web presence in perhaps a different way? How can they promote their business’ skills and wares effectively, whilst overcoming the need for paragraphs of text which have to be pinched, scrolled, zoomed or dragged until the potential customer has absorbed a sufficient mass of information to make a buying decision?

The answer is so easy and obvious but perhaps not always approached as a solution to this new problem.

Not only is video a powerful communication tool, a rapidly growing marketing approach, and a highly democratised medium, but search engines love it and reward its owners with great rankings. Google owns YouTube and gives great weight to its content, if properly optimised. But the best part of this is that if you can get your video to rank well, then it will pop up on a tablet or smartphone as clear as day. The operating systems know how to handle it. Apple even has a specific YouTube app. Your video fills the screen just perfectly.

In short, if you can get your business profile condensed into a well ranked video, then it is the most user-friendly mobile communication method out there. The user clicks the link, clicks play, and they are engaged with you and what you have to offer them. And because youll get more customers, you’ll make more money, and now you can talk to your web designer about spending more money with them. And then you’ll get a better website, and then you’ll get more customers, and you’ll make more money.

So, what’s the catch? ‘Video is expensive’ you’ll say. Not at all. Video is only expensive if it doesn’t work. If it delivers these returns, then it is great value. Especially if it was well thought through, well implemented, and produced with the right amount of knowledge about what makes good video marketing.

You ignore the mobile customer at your peril. Video as one solution also bears serious consideration.

blog post by Chris Towndrow – Video Producer & Digital Content Consultant for London Corporate Media

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