As with every new concept, there is always confusion on how the system works, if it is safe and how partnerships can be initiated, and this is exactly what this post hopes
to do for winmarkets.

You’re now probably asking yourself what on earth a winmarket is and why you haven’t heard anything about them yet. The reason for this is really quite simple, it’s a brand-new and innovative concept, that bravely bridges the gap between online shopping and online gaming.

The aim of winmarkets is to bring an element of playing to everyday shopping routines – in simpler words; users of a winmarket can decide to play to win any item they would have shopped for. This adds an interesting new step in purchasing mechanisms. Since the beginning of commerce, customers carried out two actions; they would choose a product and subsequently pay for it. Thanks to winmarkets, shoppers worldwide now have the added functionality of winning their shopping.

This is a revolutionary concept pioneered by, the world’s first winmarket. Yipiii at first works like a price comparison website, allowing users to find the best deals from a selection of over a million products from over a hundred affiliate retailers. Once its users have found the item they wish to win, they are presented with a “Wheel of Winning” that users spin for £1. If the right segments of the wheel fall into place, the user has won the item and it is shipped to them at no extra cost.

Already quite a game-changing tool, the benefits of winmarkets don’t quite stop there. Whenever the wheel is spun, a discount is added to a discount balance. This balance can be used buy any product on Yipiii (it doesn’t matter if it was played for or not) at a discounted rate. This part of winmarkets works very much like a cash-back website. Each product on Yipiii has a maximum discount, which is the maximum amount of money that can be returned after a purchase.

Another innovative aspect of Yipiii is called the Winit App, which is a portable bookmark that makes every site a winmarket. It simply hovers over any product page, allowing users to play for any of your products right there and then.

The best part about it is its transparency. Yipiii holds a European Gaming Licence, meaning they’re fully regulated. The license guarantees the highest security standards according to the laws of the European Union.

So there you have it, winmarkets are truly a revolution in commerce that will enhance the shopping experience for the user, add uniqueness to any affiliated site and increase customer loyalty thanks to the discount system.

Blog post by Yipiii a sponsor of The BIG eCommerce Conference.

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