Matt McNeil shares his reasons for devoting his business to helping businesses harness the power of a great email marketing campaign….

With all the talk of social media, email marketing is often overlooked or taken for granted, yet time and time again it’s shown to be the most cost effective channel for online marketing.

I founded over 9 years ago to make great permission-based marketing tools available to organisations of all sizes and to this day email marketing remains a huge part of what we do, with our platform powering over 1 billion emails a year.

Done right, email marketing is hard to beat – particularly for ecommerce. The Direct Marketing Association estimates that for every £1 spent on email marketing, £40 of revenue is generated. That’s a return worth paying attention to!

Email is a great way to build long term customer relationships and it’s easy to test different ideas and get a precise measure of your return on investment. It’s easy to slip into bad habits though and these will erode your results over time. In my seminar at the BIG eCommerce conference I’ll be showing you how to break those habits and transform your email marketing results, all in just 45 minutes.

From building your lists in the right way, to writing the perfect subject line, through to systematically testing your email content to drive more sales, I’ll show you how you can quickly make a real difference to your results. I look forward to seeing you The BIG eCommerce Conference!

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