Have a business plan – written down

A very interesting survey carried out by Harvard Business School showed that only 3% of people have WRITTEN goals and plans. Even more interesting, those 3% earned more than the other 97% put together. This alone has got to be worth writing down goals and plans.

In your plan:

1) Define your market sector.

This is imperative because once you have done this you can think about the problems and aspirations of this market segment or segments and create a message which will provide a solution to their problems or aspirations.

2) Define your marketing strategy.

How are you going to make contact and how often? Many people make the mistake of just using 1 or 2 forms of marketing but the most successful people will use a multiple marketing strategy both offline and online.

The trick is to “Expose” yourself, metaphorically speaking of course…..! So that your prospective clients seek you out because you have positioned yourself as the “Expert”

Here are some examples: Direct Mail, Postcards, Telephone Contact, Email, Social Media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


Complete your profile FULLY. This helps with SEO. Start and find the people who “fit” your target market Connect, and start to form a relationship before trying to sell your product. Join groups on LinkedIn (groups where your target market hang out) start to become active in those groups.

Blogs to be added to your social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as your website. At the bottom of your blog have a link that takes the reader back to your website.

Articles in magazines or industry magazines which are relevant to your offering.

Fantastic way of getting free advertising. (If you placed an Advert in a National Newspaper it could cost you up to £40,000.) This also gives instant credibility. The key is to make sure it is good valuable content, NOT an advertorial which is all about your product.

Editors are always looking for content for their publications, therefore, if it is useful information and interesting then you will more than likely get your article published.
Here are some ideas for great headlines to grab the attention of your audience to encourage them to read more:

  • 10 Top Tips on How to…..
  • Don’t struggle any longer to………
  • 7 Reasons why……….
  • Why some people always……
  • How I improved my……. in “x” weeks/months
  • Do you have these symptoms of …….
  • The damage we do to our…..
  • They laughed when I…….. but they were amazed when I achieved results of…….
  • The Secrets of………
  • 53 Reasons it would have paid you to answer this Ad months ago…

If you are reading this and thinking “I am not a writer, this is not my thing” you are not alone. Here is a solution to this.

You could use a third party to write articles and blogs for you. Use a provider like Elance.com or Guru.com. Look for a freelancer who will write an article or blog on your subject.

Be very specific about what you want, give them as much information as possible so they get a better understanding of you, how you think and the language that you use. Direct them to your website to get a better understanding of you and your product or service.

Make sure that you get examples of their work before making the final decision on your choice of writer.

Speaking engagements

Start by offering your services free if you don’t feel confident. Find groups that are suitable for your product of service. Start by looking on the internet. E.g. If you sell Cosmetics, go and find “Women Groups” that you can talk to, giving them good content about “How to look like and feel like a celebrity, when applying your makeup”. Once you become confident you can then start charging for your speaking services

PPC = Pay Per Click

This is where you pay to have your Ad appearing on ideally the first page of the search engines as a sponsored link. I.e. Google. You only pay when someone clicks on your Ad. So by far the best way of getting best value for your money. Go to Google Adwords and read more about how to select “Keywords” and how to write your Ad.

You may use PPC to direct the prospect to a free download or video on your website to get their name and email address, start a relationship by sending regular emails with great content, and then start selling to them once they realise that you are an authority within your field.


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