It’s easy to think that this all means there’s nothing to be done, or to blame factors beyond a companies control. There are plenty of people pointing to the high-street and dooming it to ruin. This is not only short-sighted it’s downright wrong. Why? Because there are high-streets that are doing fine, and there are retailers and manufacturers who are doing plenty of business. There are also huge numbers of start-up firms – retailers, manufacturers, service providers – who would never have had a chance without eCommerce. What are they doing differently?

Mary Portas recently wrote a report about the High-street which I’m sure most people interested in commerce will have read or at least heard about. She looked at the retail areas that were doing fine, and wondered what they were doing. She also looked at things that would help the high-street.

It’s a lesson for every business out there. As technology changes, as economies turn downward and as customers expectations change – so must companies. It’s not enough to simply find the cause, it’s vital to find a way to exploit it.

It’s our belief that eCommerce can be of benefit to every company, and that missing this boat might be the difference between survival and being forced to call in the receivers.

The BIG eCommerce conference is about showing businesses and individuals what is possible. There’s a growing market out there with a very small barrier of entry. It’s up to you to find out about it, and we can’t wait to show you what we know.

Early-bird tickets are available for £222 for the entire day – That’s five seminars and 3/nine workshops with some of the countries most informed eCommerce experts. It’s also a chance to meet and quiz those same experts and to network with like-minded people and businesses.

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